When Buffy’s voice breaks when she yells, “we’re not supposed to move the body”.

You know what I love the most about “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”?
The fact that the characters’ reactions are so extremely real.
No censure, no overdramatic bullshit, no cliches…everything gets shot into your face just like the way it is.
At first Buffy is numb, she doesn’t completely feels her mother’s death. It happened the same thing to me with my grandmother (who was like a mom to me).
You don’t realize it…you’re so shocked you get paralyzed, you can’t conceive that fact. It cannot be real, everything is so weird…so impossible. It’s like you’re trapped between fantasy and reality. 
Then you understand and everything under your feet just falls and you lose your fucking balance.
This scene was very important to me.
Also Dawn’s, Xander’s, Willow’s, Spike’s, Tara’s and Anya’s reactions were brilliantly genuine, anyway. They were different from each other, every one of them was was suitably written for the character.

Joss Whedon is brilliant, the BTVS cast is brilliant.
You should watch this show, seriously.

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